How we work

Getting to know you
The first meeting - an informal chat to understand your needs and to explain our service options and charges for you to consider.
To proceed we will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire and give you all the information you need about the service we offer. Before making a recommendation we need to analyse your current financial circumstances in detail, including your family and job status, your tax position and that of your dependants, household income and expenditure, existing arrangements and investments as well as your long-term aims and your attitudes to risk now and in the future.

Essentially the research aspect of the process is where our work is really done for you. This will encompass many things about you and the solutions we may offer for your needs. There will be options and decisions to be made together. One size does not fit all and it is here that you will benefit most from the skills, experience and knowledge of a mature and highly qualified financial planner.

Presentation of Report
Circumstances and objectives are summarised with the proposal. Product based solutions explained in detail highlighting costs and contract terms. Crucially risk/reward profiles are confirmed.

Agreement on final recommendations and completion of paperwork for you.

The Review
An essential part of any financial plan. We recommend regular meetings to monitor developments and manage your affairs for successful outcomes. Our service is flexible and tailored to suit you. Clear written costs are shown based on your wishes and needs.