Financial Services for Women

If women live longer, retire earlier, take earnings breaks, often earn less,
whilst of course looking after family affairs in the widest sense too, I think Financial Planning must be even more important to this half of the population.

As an IFA for over twenty-five years I work with both male and female clients but women often appreciate discussing their own somewhat different needs with another woman. Whether single, married, divorced or widowed, many of the more stressful aspects of home and family fall upon women to resolve. The complex and sensitive needs of spouses, children and elderly relatives together with their own working lives are regularly areas of particular concern to women.

Female IFAs are a minority so I am happy to be able to offer you an experienced, mature and highly qualified one-to-one service which recognises the special needs of the other half of the UK population. I have been involved in solving a wide range of financially related problems over many years and would like to help you too so please call me now so that we can arrange to meet

Linda Andrews APFS

Linda Andrews